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My #1 Strategy To Stay Competitive: MD of International Cargo Express

In a world run by large corporations with multiple offices across the globe, SMEs have little choice but to partner with the right people to extend their capabilities if they want to stay in the game. That is where freight forwarding Networks come in – as my number one tool to get an edge over corporations.

Likeminded Individuals 

Members of freight networks are generally of a similar size, share common business philosophies, and are often owner-operated. This similarity ensures that all members are aligned. They are also vetted by the network to ensure they are of good standing, adding another layer of security in business dealings.


Less Financial Liability  

Speaking of security, one of the key benefits of these networks is the provision of credit insurance. This feature offers an extra layer of financial security for SME forwarders, covering them up to a certain amount of money if an agent becomes insolvent or bankrupt. 


AGMs: great time and money savers

Annual general meetings are not just cost-effective in terms of reducing travel time and expenses; they are crucial for networking and building relationships. Having the opportunity to meet multiple overseas agents and connect face-to-face is invaluable, as at heart, what forwarders really sell are reliable service providers, good customer service and trust.


Same outcomes, without the politics

Networks enable SMEs to achieve the same results for their clients without the complexities of corporate politics and games of power.

Healthier Industry Competition

Being part of a network empowers SMEs to compete in the same field as corporations, pushing the free market to compete with better practices.

Bottom line: networks offer a blend of financial security, business alignment, and networking opportunities, leveling the playing field with larger corporations and enabling smaller companies to compete effectively on a global scale.

This article was written by Ronald Spahr, Managing Director of International Cargo Express (ICE).

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