Welcome to the future of freight-forwarder networks

When we created the Centrolene Network, we knew it would be a game-changer. We knew ambitious mid-sized companies want to win more business by partnering with other firms around the world. And we knew technology was revolutionizing our industry and that whoever had the best technology would come out in front.

Centrolene Network gives freight forwarders the two things they need to take their businesses to the next level – powerful partnerships connected by powerful technology. The partnerships work because each member is a leader in their country and has the drive and desire to become a global player.

The technology works because it has been designed without compromise to meet the needs of our industry. The Centrolene C-Suite is the world’s first fully integrated solution for the logistics industry. It is designed by industry professionals, for industry professionals.

The Centrolene C-Suite allows our members to amplify and project their strength to potential customers. It provides connectivity to other members in the network and allows them to easily perform all their global processing functions. It delivers true supply-chain visibility which our members know is the key to competing with the top players.

So when you are ready to power-up your companies with the best technology and business practices, it is time to become part of the Centrolene Network.

Alex Ruf
Chief Executive Officer